Purchases through the Art and Soul Gallery

Colorful and textural art, jewelry, baskets, sculptures and tapestries.


Making jewelry at our Art and Soul Gallery, the only local art gallery in the  

Northern Region of Minnesota, USA. 

About Pamela J Davis

My Background


I live in the Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota, USA, in a small town called Ely, within  a well established artist community.  

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as metal, reed, yarn, beads, and pebbles to create my art and jewelry.  My hands interweave color and texture into shapes from my imagination. 

My Inspiration


With each season, I stroll through the woods with my dogs, surrounded by large soft snowflakes, or bright red maples leaves, a cool summer lake, or spring chirping chickadees. My surroundings motivate me to create.